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Welcome to Rounds 4 Research 

Rounds 4 Research is a fundraising program conducted by the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) whereby rounds of golf (defined as a tee time for two or four, generally with carts) are auctioned to the public through an online auction. Through this program, participating organizations can solicit donated rounds with a minimum 80 percent of the proceeds being directed back to the organization. The EIFG’s Rounds 4 Research is an expansion of the innovative program that was introduced by the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association. The scope had grown beyond what the Carolinas GCSA could administer and in 2012 the EIFG took over the program to elevate it to a national level. The Rounds 4 Research auction will take advantage of an online auction platform Bidding for Good. National communications efforts and grass-roots efforts from the participating organizations will drive golfers to the auction site. These efforts will provide a nationwide marketing opportunity for the golf facility. There is an auction in 2024, held April 22-April -28. Who can participate? GCSAA-affiliated chapters, golf course superintendent associations (state, national or international) or their foundations can participate in the program. Other turfgrass- and research-related foundations and not-for-profit organizations are free to inquire, but GCSAA-affiliated chapters will generally have precedence in their respective state or region. The EIFG will review the circumstances in regard to the precedence of chapter participation. ​

How your organization can participate 

Although the EIFG is administering the Rounds 4 Research program, it is actually a local “franchised” fundraising program that enables participating organizations to raise revenue. In fact, participating organizations should consider the Rounds 4 Research program their own fundraising program that is supported by the EIFG. 

Key responsibilities 

There are three primary responsibilities for all participating organizations: 

  1. Solicit for and obtain donated rounds to be sent to the EIFG for the auction. 

  2. Promote the program to golfers, allied associations, golf associations, media and members of your organization to supplement the national efforts being made by the EIFG. 

  3. Provide an annual summary of distributions received from the EIFG that indicates how the monies were used. 


What is the Environmental Institute for Golf and why is it helping GCSAA Chapters raise money? 

We know that industries do not survive if resources are not invested to support innovation and react to changes in the climate in which they operate. Where would the golf industry be had it not invested in agronomic research over the years? There is no doubt the playing conditions would not be as enjoyable for golfers, environmental stewardship would suffer and operations would lack the efficiency to ensure facility profitability. 

That is why GCSAA’s philanthropic organization, the Environmental Institute for Golf, is excited to continue offering the Rounds 4 Research program as a means for GCSAA Chapters to generate the funds that will help to ensure the golf industry remains strong and viable. Rounds 4 Research is available to not only GCSAA chapters, but also to turfgrass organizations to use as a platform for revenue generation through the online auction of rounds of golf. 

Funds raised can be used to further efforts in the areas of research, advocacy, and education. Golfers and golf facilities are the ultimate beneficiaries of funds raised. R4R is a great way to unite our efforts to positively impact efforts at the national level, as well as at the regional and local level for golf facilities and GCSAA members. 

What is Rounds 4 Research? 

Rounds 4 Research helps you raise funds by auctioning donated rounds of golf through an online bidding forum. The program works in four easy steps: 

  1. Courses donate rounds* for auction. The course determines the restrictions. 

  2.  The course/GCSAA member designates which chapter/organization they would like to designate the proceeds. 

  3. GCSAA and its local chapters encourage golfers to bid on the rounds. 

  4. Proceeds raised from the auction are used to fund turfgrass research, education programs and advocacy efforts as deemed a priority for the organization receiving the funding. 

*A round of golf is defined as a tee time with green fee for two or four players. Member-only clubs are encouraged to donate a threesome to play with a current member. Golf facilities that are unable to donate rounds of golf are encouraged to make a financial donation to benefit R4R efforts. 

Why should GCSAA Chapters participate in R4R? 

The EIFG is committed to your success in R4R and will provide national administrative and communications support, as well as tools and resources to support the efforts of the participating organizations. Highlights of these efforts include: 

  • Maintaining the Rounds 4 Research website, which will serve as the central source for news and information about the program. 

  • Working at the national level with allied golf organizations to promote and market the program. 

  • Implementing a communications and marketing plan to promote the program to members, golfers and the media. 

  • Providing participating organizations with a communications kit that includes advertisements and materials to support the donation process. 

  • Providing donating facilities with materials that will help them market their participation to golfers. 

The EIFG will also: 

  • Manage the donated rounds, as well as maintain the auction platform. 

  • Notify winning bidders, collect revenues, and process the donated items sold, including certificates and thank you letters (including required tax notifications). 

  • Process the revenues generated from the auction and distribute the funding earmarked for participating organizations. 

How does a golf facility donate? 

The process to donate a round is simple. All previous donating facilities will automatically receive a letter and pre-populated form to approve and send in their donation. New facilities can simply fill out an online or paper donor form and send to the EIFG. We will take care of the rest. We can even create the winner’s certificate for you! The EIFG will keep each participating organization up-to-date on donations that have been received on a monthly basis. 

When is the auction and how do bidders participate? The 2019 R4R auction will be held online from April 29 to May 5 on All packages donated, along with all relevant restrictions, will be available on this site for the public to view and place bids. 

How the proceeds will be distributed? 

Each participating organization will receive 80 percent of the proceeds (amount of sale per round, excluding any fees or surcharges) from each donation that has been designated for your organization. The EIFG retains 20 percent, plus any fees and surcharges collected, to offset programmatic costs, including expenses related to the auction platform, advertising and marketing costs, administrative overhead, and other fees associated with managing the program on a national scale.

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