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Nevada Golf Educational Video

Nevada Golf Educational Video

Nevada Golf Drives Positive Environmental & Economic
Impacts for the State

The mission of golf course superintendents is towards environmental stewardship, conservation
efforts, and improved quality of life for Nevada residents. The video highlights ecosystem services gained
from 13,000 acres of green infrastructure for wildlife habitat and $2 billion of total economic impact in

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Nevada Golf Drives Positive Environmental & Economic Impacts for the Silver State


New video released in celebration of National Golf Day shows ecosystem benefits gained “In this Moment” from 13,000 acres of green infrastructure and $2B in economic impact

LAS VEGAS, NV (May 10, 2022) In celebration of National Golf Day on May 11, 2022, the Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association (SNGCSA) and Nevada Golf Alliance (NGA) in collaboration with sustainability consulting firm Radius Sports Group have released a new video showing the mission of golf course superintendents toward environmental stewardship, conservation, and improved quality of life for Nevada residents. The video highlights nearly $2 billion of total economic impact and 17,000 jobs driven by golf in Nevada.


On National Golf Day, Nevada small businesses including golf course owners, environmental consultants, golf course superintendents, and golf industry associations will meet with Nevada senators and house representatives to discuss industry impacts within the state including implementation of science-based best management practices (BMPs) to promote conservation and environmental stewardship. National Golf Day is an annual event hosted by the American Golf Industry Coalition where advocates participate in more than 200 legislative meetings with Members of Congress nationwide.


The video highlights Nevada golf’s greenspace including turfgrass and 13,000 acres of water, wetlands, and native terrain which supports wildlife and pollinator habitats, cools urban heat islands, filters surface water runoff, and contributes to health and well-being. The 3-minute video also features water conservation measures including recycled water for irrigation and turfgrass reduction of 900 acres to native and watersmart landscape in Southern Nevada since 2000.


“Sharing knowledge and resources is critical for sustainable operations and environmental stewardship,” said Shadow Creek Superintendent and Past-President of the SNGCSA Greg Niendorf. “BMPs ensure our golf courses are as healthy as possible – providing benefits like greenspace, quality of life, wildlife habitats, water quality infiltration – and a pleasing recreational facility, for now and generations to come.”


Nevada Golf BMPs drive sustainable resource management through thirteen key areas including water conservation and management, pollinator and wildlife protection, and maintenance operations. A formal Nevada Golf Industry BMP Guide was developed in collaboration with Reno-based sustainability consulting firm, Radius Sports Group, in 2019.


“We're proud that Nevada golf facilities are leaders in environmental stewardship,” said President of the Nevada Golf Alliance (NGA) Eric Dutt. “This video helps share the benefits of the industry’s comprehensive use of BMPs with golfers and members of our communities.”


The NGA promotes collaboration and engagement with communities, civic leaders, and legislators. The video was also supported in part by a grant from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). The Nevada Golf BMP Guide contributed to successful attainment of the GCSAA’s nationwide goal of 50 states establishing state specific BMPs by 2020. The initiative is a significant sports industry “first” showing the golf industry’s desire to lead environmental efforts through proactive measures.


About the SNGCSA

The Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association (SNGCSA) is committed to providing a positive impact through education, performance, and environmental stewardship. The SNGCSA is comprised of nearly 100 agronomists and golf course superintendents, turfgrass industry suppliers, and academic professionals throughout Nevada. The Association provides professional development and support, research, and science-based best management practices to assist its members in providing optimal maintenance, construction, and natural resource management for Nevada golf courses.


About the Nevada Golf Alliance

The Nevada Golf Alliance is a group of golf industry related organizations and associations in Nevada dedicated to communication between allied associations within the state, protecting the golf industry with lobbying efforts among Nevada politicians and improving the game of golf. Current allied association members include member Nevada golf courses, Southwest Section of the Club Management Association of America (CMAA), Golf Course Superintendents Association, Las Vegas Chapter – Southwest Section PGA of America, Southern Nevada Golf Association, Northern Nevada Golf Association, Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association, and the UNLV PGA Golf Management (PGM) Program. A 2019 economic impact study found that the golf industry in Nevada generated $1.9 billion in direct and indirect economic impact in the state on an annual basis.


About Radius Sports Group

Radius Sports Group LLC. is a sustainability consulting firm based in Reno, Nevada focused on connecting sustainability and sports. It drives environmental, social, and economic impacts through engaging sports franchises, facilities, golf courses, management companies, industry suppliers, and governing bodies, to promote sustainable operations, while positively impacting society and the environment.

13,000 Acres of Green Infrastructure
$2 Billion of Economic Impact in Nevada
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